Love, Rosie (Christian Ditter, 2014): Germany, UK

Reviewed by Mia Johansson, Viewed on Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Love RosieL ove will make it right in the end.
O n the first school dance
V (w)anna se the movie again
E choes in eternity

R omantic comedy
O ver and over they miss one another
S oon they gets each other
I highly recommend this movie
E mbarrassing moments more than once

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Sarah Connor: THE Action Heroine

Paper by Phill Hunziker. Viewed on Netflix.

Female action heroines have come in many forms. From the vengeful woman in Blaxploitation films to the costumed super heroine in comic book adaptions, women have been represented on-screen as the one who saves the day. Unfortunately, many of these heroines have fallen victim to sexualization, stereotypes and many other negatives that have always plagued women on screen. It’s difficult to find a heroine who can fully escape these injustices, but one woman can make a very strong case: Sarah Connor from Terminator 2: Judgement Day (James Cameron,1991). Her backstory, plot significance, motives, physique, personality, wardrobe, dialogue and cultural significance give hope for women on-screen.

It is important to note that Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is not technically the star of the film. That designation belongs to the super-jacked cybernetic titular character, T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger). While that character is certainly one of the most iconic badasses of all time, the point should be made that he is not the most traditionally ‘masculine’ character in the film. That seems like an absurd statement, but it has truth to it. First off, the T-800 is

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