America; Imagine the World Without Her (D’Souza/Sullivan, 2014): USA

Reviewed by Kathleen Amboy.  Viewed at Plaza De Oro Twin, Santa Barbara, CA.

  Imagine if George Washington had been taken out by a sniper during the Revolutionary War, or if Hitler had got ahold of the Atomic Bomb before us – a much more frightening outcome in history might have prevailed.  The consequences of this vision would mean that America might very well have become a territory of Great Britain, and Hitler most definitely would have succeeded in his dream to rule the world.

We however, gained liberty from the Crown, and also got ahold of the bomb first, bringing an end to WWII, but not before giving the Japanese government plenty of time to surrender.  Our nation also set about rebuilding both Germany and Japan, just after the war’s end, and at our taxpayer’s expense no less – what other country does that?

Filmmaker and New York Times bestseller Dinesh D’Souza, sets the record straight as to the truth and consequences of the American dream.  By pointing out the misconceptions perpetuated by many in higher education and the media, D’Souza sets about to dispel the indictments against our country, and offers a more hopeful mindset.

Among the many indictments,

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A Hard Day’s Night (Richard Lester, 1964): UK

Reviewed by Katrina Storton. Viewed on DVD

A-Hard-Days-NightThis movie is 100% Beatles, any Beatles fan would enjoy this movie. This film doesn’t have much to say for plot, it mostly consists of the Beatles themselves getting into wacky predicaments. The whole plot of the story is The Beatles traveling by train and by car to get to gig in London. The whole reason why this film was made, was to show what it’s like in the daily life of the The Beatles. As a Beatle fan myself, the film was very enjoyable. The plot wasn’t hard to follow, the jokes are funny but normal British dry humor, and of course the music was wonderful. The Beatles normal day according to this film is: traveling with their manager, running away from fan girls, reading fan mail, disguising themselves so fan girls don’t find them, practicing music, messing around, participating in games and finally playing gigs.

Personally this film wasn’t about the plot or the jokes or even the music. I enjoyed this film just because you see all four Beatles together, being friends and enjoying their lives.

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