Hitchcock’s Women: Independent and Strong

Paper by Wendy DeLoughy.

While doing research on Hitchcock films and women, the majority of information that initially surfaces is negative – usually centered around the comments that Hitchcock was a misogynist, had strange infatuations with his actresses, and that the sole purpose of the females and how they are portrayed in his films is for the male viewer and his enjoyment – as Greg Garrett writes in his article “Hitchcock’s Women on Hitchcock”: “The final reputation of Alfred Hitchcock — arguably the greatest film director who ever lived — today seems to be haunted by the noisy ghosts of misogyny and cruelty”. However, after further digging for information, the opposite opinions and viewpoints can be found – ones that state that the female characters have a sense of power over the males in Hitchcock’s films and are competent, capable characters who become the focus, and at times the star, of the story. In the films The Lady Vanishes (1938), Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958), female characters have a dual role of victim and aggressor. The females that are victims wind up dead (it is a Hitchcock film after

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Is the High Concept Method Shallow?

Paper by Rachel Crippa.

The topic for my research paper that I chose was the high concept method. This method interested me because the types of films that follow this method are vibrant, unique, and standout. The high concept method depicts the importance of a certain idea, and focuses the story’s narrative solely on it. The type of high concept film I decided to focus on was, Shallow Hal. The film’s title describes what the story’s narrative is about. The story’s plot is about a guy named Hal, who is extremely shallow and focuses on the outward beauty of women instead of focusing on the inside beauty. With most of the women he’s been involved with (women with outward beauty), they all share a common similarity with their personality, which is arrogance. The film attempts to explain that most of the people who have an outward beauty are ugly in relation to their personality. Throughout the film, Hal learns the true meaning of beauty by being put under a spell to see the inward beauty in people. This film stood out to me because it makes a significant point for

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