What We Do in the Shadows (Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, 2014): New Zealand

Reviewed by Furkan Altunkaynak. Viewed at AFI Fest 2014.

The movie What We Do in the Shadows written, directed, and stared by 2 fabulous people Jemaine Clement, and Taika Waititi. Taika Waititi has 29 awards won and Jemaine Clement has 5 awards.

When some of the funniest people of New Zealand get together, you have this great documentary like comedy movie with hilarious jokes and a moving picture that you will wish to be last forever. This is a movie made to make audience fell like watching a chip reality show like documentary. Movie has already 4 awards won including Audience Awards and People’s Choice Award.

There are zombies, werewolves, witches, monsters and most importantly vampires which story based on. According to director Jemaine Clement some people can find this documentary racist by some society because of the monster stereotype jokes. Every character very well designed. Their props and house are based on individual character’s personality and very realistic. It won’t take long for a person to fall in love with the characters and have fun with them.

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Stations of the Cross (Dietrich Brüggemann, 2014): Germany

Reviewed by Furkan Altunkaynak. Viewed at AFI Fest 2014.

The movie Stations of the Cross directed by Dietrich Brüggemann. It is about Maria (Lea van Acken) who is only at the beginning of understanding her life. She goes through some hard life lessons of what to do and what not to do which ordered by the church and her mother (Franziska Weisz).

This movie was really interesting experience for me to watch. Movie is made by 5 to 20 minute long, one take and mostly one angled stable camera positioned mater shots. Only editing made for jump from a scene to another. Sculpture of the movie based on a religious verses from the Bible which explains the situation that Jesus been through. Between every scene a sentence or two appears from this verses. Stabling the camera to see every single action happening on the screen was a really interesting idea to watch. Sometimes I find my self not being able to empathize with the main character or any other. This more feels like watching people’s life through a window. Seeing a 10 min scene real time one long take makes

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