Resurrecting Hassan (Proto, 2016): Canada

Reviewed by Larry Gleeson as part of the American Film Institute’s 2017 AFI DOCS Film Festival. Resurrecting Hassan is one of the most unusual films I have ever viewed. Director Carlo Guillermo Proto’s film highlights a family of blind musicians as they splinter and navigate their lives and existence. With seemingly untethered access having provided the family members with Super 8mm cameras, Proto weaves an intricate inner landscape with laser-like precision.

The film opens in a modern documentary style with non-diagetic music setting the tone. Proto quickly introduces the viewer to a world filled with change as he films from a high-speed, moving vehicle transitioning to extreme close-ups of the Harting family, the film’s protagonists. here, Proto introduces a voice-over to bridge the ensuing jump cut to the family blindly walking, arms linked as they make their way towards a house, navigating a standard set of porch stairs to an entrance. The voice begins a countdown as the family waits to enter.

Proto transitions to a distorted frame through a glass storm door. Then proceeds with another jump cut as the voice continues its countdown revealing the family

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New Chefs on the Block (Atlas-Harrison, 2017): USA

Reviewed by Larry Gleeson as part of the American Film Institute’s 2017 AFI DOCS Film Festival.

mv5bmdjlnwq1ytctmtuzns00zwy4ltlhmtgtywrmoguyodqzyzgzxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymji5otk0mjm-_v1_uy268_cr130182268_al_Lateral Lines Productions brings Director Dustin Harrison-Atlas’ new documentary, New Chefs on the Block, a heart-warming adventure of two like-minded chefs, Aaron Silverman and Frank Linn with a desire to start their own restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area. Interestingly, both chefs attended the prestigious L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Just not at the same time. Rather, ten years apart.

Silverman is a DC-area local having grown up in nearby Rockville, Maryland, working for renowned chefs such as David Chang at Momofuko Noodle Bar in New York and Sean Brock at McCrady’s in South Carolina. Linn, on the other hand, has cooked in the kitchens of some of Washington D.C.’s top restaurants after earning his culinary certificate.

The film opens in semi-spectacular fashion with panning and tracking shots inside a large restaurant kitchen complete with some slicing, dicing and a nice close-up of a sizzling, open-flame skillet being manipulated with a consummate perfection! A soft, non-diagetic music adds soothing ambience to the harsh kitchen environment as Director Atlas-Harrison moves right in

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