Angels & Airwaves presents “LOVE” (William Eubank, 2010): USA

Reviewed by Addie Rosales. Viewed at The 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Angels & Airwaves is an alternative rock band led by Tom DeLonge, who was the lead singer and guitarist from the group Blink-182. Other group members include guitarist David Kennedy, drummer Atom Willard, and bassist Matt Wachte. The band had asked William Eubank to create a visual piece of art to represent their newest album “Love“, which is also the title of the film. Eubank did a phenomenal job, as the film truly is a visual piece of art. I browsed through their new album and choose verses from different songs that I felt were relatable to the film.

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The Flight Of Apollo

Finally I get this feeling we’re all alone in one big world
Just to realize that all these shapes and colors are so it doesn’t hurt so badly
So life doesn’t hurt, doesn’t hurt so badly, so life doesn’t hurt, doesn’t hurt so badly
Please don’t look at life, look at me so sadly. Life shouldn’t hurt, doesn’t hurt so badly

Young London

I’m not the one to complain of bad dreams
It’s like disease, but without a life
It’s all a scene with this great directive
That we’re all lost and we’re stuck in time
We feel alone in a strange blue ocean
And we’re all scared as death to die


Do you believe in hallucinations?
Silly dreams or Imagination?
Don’t go away ’cause I feel you this time
Don’t go away ’cause I need you here this time


She said show me the world that’s inside your head,
Show me the world that you see yourself, you could use Some help
Cause sometimes it comes with a shove, when you fall in love
She said show me the world that’s inside your head,
Tell me your secrets of life and death, and your one regret
Cause sometimes it comes with a shove, when you fall in love

Clever Love

Oh I’ve felt your spell
And all alike, its been like hell
Every single time the cycle goes
In and out of fear of getting left behind

Soul Survivor

Help I’m losing, help I’m falling
Life is silent, the earth is calling
Every reason, every nighttime
And every day starts and ends in sunlight
But I’m not okay with this vicious cycle
Something’s broken, it seems unnatural
These shapes are wondrous,
but loosely woven
The sounds are deafening,
and time is frozen


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