Big Hero 6, (Don Hall, Chris Williams, 2014): US

intro_disney_bighero6_guideReviewed by Thiago Coelho. Viewed at the Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara.

Big Hero 6 is the new animation of Walt Disney Pictures, that for the first time, explores characters from Marvel Comics. A group of superheroes inspired by Japanese manga that in this film adapted for the american style.

The story takes place in San Frantokyo city that holds elements of both American San Francisco (the famous hills, the Golden Gate) and Tokyo (aesthetics of the buildings, the colorful clothes, robotics and, of course, monsters of the Japanese culture). It is there that lives the wonder boy Hiro Hamada, who dedicate his life to building robots to participate in clandestine fights, where he can yield good money. Knowing your potential, his older brother Tadashi motivates his younger brother to use his intelligence for more useful purposes. As in the comics books of Stan Lee, every hero needs a great inspiration to exist, and it is what will driver Tadashi Hiro to find a direction in his life, but also to create a group of superhero.

Big Hero 6 is a movie that needs time to introduce to the audience each of the main characters and also their motivations. The animation follows the Disney standard of quality as well as the story, which talks about family values and positions in favor of science in the eternal struggle against capitalism. There are also charismatic characters, especially Fred, the clueless-hearted.

The charismatic inflatable robot is the soul of the movie. Not only because of  captivating purity of character or the quality of his animation (it’s amazing texture inflate and deflate), but also because of the relationship slowly develops with Hiro, to better understand a complexity of human emotional. A trajectory that is strongly reminiscent of another classic animation that addresses the friendship between a robot and a boy: The Iron Giant, even that the conduct of the two partnerships is similar, conceptually speaking.

Announced as a superhero animation, Big Hero 6 transmit to the viewer a good dose of action, where the inexperience of the group is highlighted. However, the attitudes of those nerds heroes that represent a lot of the fun part of the film, even that they be in this situation, but it is like something similar of the feeling of a fan to find his idol. This experience, coupled with mixed aesthetic between the American and Japanese cultures and the growing friendship between Hiro and Baymax, make Big Hero 6 a very entertaining movie.

There is an extra scene at the very end of the film, starring for an icon of Marvel Comic, it is worthy to wait to see it.


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