Hush (Mike Flanagan, 2016): USA

Reviewed by Katrina Storton. Streamed through Netflix.

It is common knowledge Netflix holds a lot of hidden gems from the horror/thriller genre. Most of these films are the type that never reach theaters and go straight to DVD and streaming services. Hush (2016) is among those films. The film came out last month and has already been on Netflix for a good week.

Hush is probably one of the best horror/thriller films I have seen in a long time. Watching it kept me on the edge my seat, gave me anxiety and even had me cheering on the character at one point. Now I would like to point out the difference this film holds over other films of its genre. The main character, Maddie (Kate Siegel), is deaf. She has to outwit her killer without being able to hear him. She has to rely on her sight and the vibrations her killer makes in order to know where he is, what he is doing and how she can get away. The portion of this film that gets your heart racing the most, is that director Mike Flanagan mutes the film at certain points. You the viewer cannot hear, you are experiencing Maddie’s disadvantage in the situation. All you can hear is the things that she feels vibrations from, her heart’s beat, the killer’s footsteps and that is about it. This concept of making the viewer deaf to help them understand what Maddie is going through is ingenious but also completely horrifying.

The killer in this film thought Maddie would be an easy kill because she is deaf. Watch the film to see just how wrong he was. You won’t be disappointed.


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