V.I.P(Park Hoon-jung,2017):South Korea

Reviewed by Rujie Wang. Viewed at AFI Fest 2017.

High­ranking government officials who have rogue relatives get into a dilemma when these relatives are linked to serious crimes. Park Hoon­jung decides to explore this situation by scripting and produced the South Korean thriller, V.I.P. The movie was released in South Korean cinemas on 23rd August 2017 after the producer refused the offer to release it at 74th Venice International Film Festival terming it as too late for the movie. Filmed in Thailand, South Korea, and Hong Kong, the movie hit the cinemas in the country after its release, showing the eagerness the people had on the art of Hoon­jung. The movie earned Hoon­jung a Fantastic Fest 2017 award.
Kim Kwang­il (Lee Jong­suk) is a son of a high ranking North Korean official. He is suspected of some crimes, and CIA organizes for his defection to South Korea. He receives V.I.P treatment in South Korea due to his father’s position in the homeland country. Park Hee­soon, role­playing as Dae­bum, is a North Korean detective who crosses border secretly to investigate on Kwang­il who becomes a suspect in a series of cold blood murders that have taken place. Stopping a serial killer without involving the external force that his father can exert on the case becomes a hard task. The Interpol, South Korea, and North Korea intelligence are after him. Rated 18+, the movie depicts a lot of gender imbalance. The feminine gender has been despised as the movie shows how they are exploited sexually. This sexual exploitation has been used to develop of the characters in the movie. Apart from violence against women, scenes of crimes and other underworld activities like clubbing are the reasons the movie is Rated (needs parental guidance). The movie’s storyline is unique; however, the themes can be linked to other thrillers from across the planet. Just like any art, the movie received both positive and negative critics. When it comes to the art of production, V.I.P. displayed a well constructed and produced art. The musical interludes in the film make its scenes interesting and attractive. The music marries well the high graphics of the movie. The gender inequality in the movie gives us the glimpse of what happens in other parts of the world. Rating the movie as 18+ was necessary due to its gender imbalance and shocking scenes. Although some people have despised the movie, it is one of the movies to watch. In fact, within one week, the movie had a viewership of more than a million. It is a movie worth watching.


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